$200 Best of the Best Contest

1. Entry fee is $20 for two pieces.

2. Prize for 1st place is $200 plus 100,000 ARTC Tokens (a cryptocurrency issued by ArtChain.info).

3. You must have at least one art award published on TopArtAwards.com to enter the contest.

4. Any piece may be entered (need not have won an award).

5. All of the artists published on TopArtAwards will be asked to jury (vote) for the winning piece.  All of the pieces will be exhibited on the contest page when submitted. Each artist will vote via email for their pick of best in show (an artist cannot vote for themselves). A spreadsheet of the votes will be emailed to all of the artists so the results may be verified (only the artist name and piece voted for will be included in the spreadsheet).

6. Every artist entered in the contest must cast a vote for best in show or they will be disqualified.

7. The winning piece will be published on TopArtAwards.com (an award winning art piece).

8. The entry deadline is 11/30/2021.

Contest Submissions