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Camelback Gallery FIGURATIVE 2021 EXHIBITION

Gold Award of Excellence

Derek Duane Wilkinson

Artist Locale: Emporia, Kansas, USA Title of work: Assembly Medium: Oil The personal expression of each figure is suppressed due to the rigid structure of the compositions, yet the unique qualities of the individuals emerge upon close inspection. The structured arrangements remind the viewer of the numerous rules, and rituals, that govern human interaction in society. The people reflexively fall in line according to the instructions of an unseen authoritative element. The doll-sized scale of the figures creates the impression that one could reach in and manipulate the scene. The people occupy a stark and empty environment that does not offer much context to help the viewer determine the scale of the subject.

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1 Comment

Camelback Gallery
Camelback Gallery
Aug 16, 2021

Derek, you must have lots of friends! To gather these together for a photo & then paint it is truly amazing!

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