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Colors of Humanity Art Gallery "YELLOW" 2021 SHOW

First Place

"Powell & Market St" (oil) by Ajin No $1000

My interest in the city began when I went to study abroad. Being in a strange environment, I suffered from a sense of loss and felt alienated. The use of non-native foreign languages, the lack of communication and ambiguity caused by cultural differences, caused me discomfort and uncertainty. This led to my interest in where I am, my existence, and my identity. Living on the 27th floor in downtown San Francisco for more than 10 years, the scenery I see every day is a spectacular view of the city. Unlike my daily changing identity, the buildings I see are always there. They have invisible forces that depend on how I feel, and that made me feel attracted to the process of becoming involved in a strange world and making it familiar to me in a strange environment. Also, it made me focus on visualizing invisible impressions and emotions. The question of my identity and the journey to my existence were captured in the painting along with the city’s appearance.

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