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Grey Cube Gallery WATERS ART SHOW

First Place

Kim Chase

Still the Same Girl Looking Out

Kim comes from an artistic family so it’s a gift she inherited. She joined the military where she served as an F-18 aircraft mechanic and switched over to pilot, and in her off time was serving in the fire department as a firefighter. After serving 10 years, she moved into civilian life where she opened a pet store to support the needs of having 2 Great Danes. After 10 years of running that business, she moved up to the Arctic where she became the Chief Inspector of the Nunavut Liquor Commission and joined the fire department there. She moved south again after 3 years when my boys were heading into school. She found the opportunity to become a personal trainer which led her to opening my own gym. She co-authored a book on fitness which hit the bestsellers list on Amazon. After 10 years of personal training she retired from the trade. From there she began painting again and found her insatiable passion for art. Kim works in acrylics doing landscapes to portraits.

“Art flows in my veins and I've found my sweet spot with it, always learning and discovering new ways to bring life to the canvas.” She is drawn to colour and light and how to make them dance on the canvas in one way or another. Colour and light are an emotional language that as an artist she tries to tap into. That emotional language can uplift and inspire other people and it brings happiness to others when you can share your emotions through your art. My goal is to nourish the heart and home with each piece I create.

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