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First Place Winner

Anna Chan

Bah Bah Sheep - Sand & Shells

I have always enjoyed the occasional shelling while on vacation for prized seashell but I did never imagine my art would become a combination of treasure hunting and puzzle assembly. Covid lockdown reinvented many careers, mine included. A jewelry designer by profession, I found solace at my local beach in New York when there was little work and lots of creative energy. A year in and my garage is my playground full of sand and seashells. My bas relief sculptures are created using the basic sand castle method, sand mix with water and my two bare hands. It is only when all the seashells have found their place do I seal the piece. I intentionally seek out broken and undesirable seashells to showcase in my work. They are the true gems, every piece with a life story to tell. Together in a mosaic they are a force of nature, nothing ordinary. My work has been featured in numerous publications, notably My Modern Met and I have started showing my work in galleries.

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Angel Monette
Angel Monette
26 janv. 2022

SO SO original!!

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