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Light Space Time Gallery “ABSTRACTS” ART EXHIBITION 2021

1st Place – Overall

Ingrid Black

“The Cosmic Eye”

Ingrid Black is a self-taught artist who has worked with acrylics for over 35 years. Since retiring from her real estate career in 2008, she has devoted herself to art. She has had four solo exhibitions and has participated in numerous group exhibitions since then. Her cityscapes were very popular in the eighties. She went on to paint a series of portraits of performing artists, capturing her subjects’ energy on stage - depicting them in a surrealistic style. When she submitted her portrait of Bob Marley to the Bob Marley website in 2012, it went viral.

While she was painting portraits, she liked to paint birds and other animals, on occasion, which led to a series of bird paintings - realistic depictions of birds in settings normally associated with human beings. Also very popular, these paintings tell a story, often with humorous undertones.

She ventured into abstracts in 2016. Her fascination with texture, colour, contrast and light is evident in her abstract creations. In 2020, David Stark, Editor/Publisher of two websites, who has been involved in the music scene in London, England for many years, purchased the right to use Magical Mystery Tour, her psychedelic painting of the Beatles, for the cover of his new book, It’s All Too Much.

Ingrid Black’s work comprises a wide range of styles and subject matter - she tries something new just about every year. Not doing so would make her feel as though she is standing still. She is a member of The Lakeshore Association of Artists in Pointe Claire, Quebec, and The Society of Canadian Artists.

Ingrid’s website is

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