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Portrait Now 2021

First Prize

Jon Bøe Paulsen

"The Last Letter"

Right now Jon Bøe Paulsen only produces very few artworks, but work far more thoroughly on each of them than ever before. Jon was unintentionally well equipped for isolation, since he have a studio in his home and have been entering various figurative art network competitions all over the world for several years. ARC Living Master, New Jersey, USA. Solo and group exhibitions in Norway, USA, England, Spain and France.

“The painting The Last Letter. She is receiving the final letter from a relative who is about to fall victim to the corona epidemic. I used my girlfriend, Heidi Kelday as a model. In fact, the inspiration came from a real letter from her niece, who lives in Hawaii and who was planning to move. But so far the risk of COVID-19 infection has made it difficult.”

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